Atticus G. Harrigan

  Atticus G. Harrigan
PhD Candidate
4-32 Assiniboia Hall, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E7
Atticus Galvin John David Harrigan

Welcome to my website! My name is Atticus Harrigan and I am a PhD Candidate in linguistics at the University of Alberta. My supervisor is Antti Arppe. I am affiliated with the Alberta Language Technology Laboratory (ALTLab). I am also a Doctoral Fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. My research mainly focuses on the use of computational and quanitative techniques in the documentation and analysis of lesser resourced languages, especially those of North America. My dissertation investigates the choice of certain formal modes in Plains Cree from a data-drive perspective, using a variety of morphosemantic features as predictors in a set of mixed-effects regression models. In deriving predictors, I make use of semantic vector models and cluster analysis to identify latent (underlying) verb classes.