Atticus G. Harrigan

3-26 Assiniboia Hall · University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E7

Welcome to my website! My name is Atticus Harrigan and I am a PhD Candidate in linguistics at the University of Alberta. My supervisor is Antti Arppe. I am affiliated with the Alberta Language Technology Laboratory (ALTLab). I am also a Doctoral Fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. My research mainly focuses on the use of computational and quanitative techniques in the documentation and analysis of lesser resourced languages, especially those of North America. My dissertation investigates the choice of certain formal modes in Plains Cree from a data-drive perspective, using a variety of morphosemantic features as predictors in a set of mixed-effects regression models. In deriving predictors, I make use of semantic vector models and cluster analysis to identify latent (underlying) verb classes.


A Morpholosyntactically Tagged Corpus for Plains Cree

Arppe, A., Schmirler, K., Harrigan, A. G., Wolvengrey, A.
In Macaulay M. & Noodin M. (Eds.), Papers of the Forty-Ninth Algonquian Conference. EAST LANSING: Michigan State University Press.
In Press

A Preliminary Plains Cree Speech Synthesizer

Harrigan, A., Mills, T., Arppe, A.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Methods for Endangered Languages (Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 9).

Plains Cree Verbal Derivational Morphology: A corpus investigation

Schmirler, K., Harrigan, A. G., Arppe, A., Wolvengrey, A.
In Macaulay M. & Noodin M. (Eds.), Papers of the Forty-Eighth Algonquian Conference (pp. 239-254). EAST LANSING: Michigan State University Press.

Learning from the Computational Modelling of Plains Cree Verbs

Harrigan, A. G., Schmirler, K.,Arppe, A., Antonsen, L.,Trosterud, T., Wolvengrey, A.
Morphology, 27(4), 565-598.

Toward a Detailed Plains Cree VAI Paradigm

Harrigan, A. G., Arppe, A., Wolvengrey, A.
In Macaulay M. & Noodin M. (Eds.), Papers of the Forty-Seventh Algonquian Conference. (pp. 129-146) EAST LANSING: Michigan State University Press.

Vowel Spaces in Plains Cree

Harrigan, A. G., Tucker, B.
Journal of the Canadian Acoustical Association, 43(03).


University of Alberta

Doctor of Philosophy

Linguistics Society of American Summer Institute

University of Kentucky

Sign Language Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Construction Grammar; Forensic Linguistics


University of Alberta

Bachelor of Arts (Honors)

Thesis: Reduction in Plains Cree


MacEwan University

Diploma of Applied Communications

Rhetoric and Technical Writing



Programming Languages & Software
Python, R, Awk, Praat, ELAN, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite

Plains Cree (reading, writing, some spoken), Latin (elementary reading and writing), English (native)


In addition to language and linguistics, I'm interested in coding and dogs. This has resulted in my Dog Fact Generator™, found below. The generator draws from a list dog breed names and predicate statements before randomly combining them into a new "fact." Each page refresh reruns the script. The accuracy of these statements is suspect.

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